in colaboration with

cdr012           Condor B757-300 special Wir Lieben Fliegen      scale 1/144                         € 20.00

cdr017                   Condor A320  classic                     scale 1/144                               € 13.00

cdr018                   Condor A320  Janosh with sickers             scale 1/144                               € 13.00

Contact Air  , the Oldest partner from Lufthansa in its lovely Fokker 50

lhr025             Contact Air F-50 Lufthansa team colors            scale 1/144                          € 13.00

Condor A321

cdr016A            Condor A321 with shadowed windows            scale 1/144                        € 13.00

cdr016b            Condor A321 with Gray windows         scale 1/144                          € 13.00

Condor Special B767-300s

cdr014A        Condor B767-300 Retro with shadowed windows    scale 1/144                   € 15.00

cdr014b        Condor B767-300 Retro with Gray windows    scale 1/144                   € 15.00

cdr015         Condor B767-300 Special Ja-zu-FRA stickers    scale 1/144                   € 15.00

the new Germanwings

gwg008                         new  Germanwings                           1/144                             € 12.00

XL ITS new special phantastic scheme schemes

its003                               ITS-XL Special B737-800 scheme 3              scale 1/144                   € 13.00

its002                               ITS-XL Special B737-800 scheme 2              scale 1/144                   € 13.00

The new German Freighter

ACG001- 2                          Air Cargo Germany                  scale 1/144-200                     € 15-12.00

Order in scale 1/144

Order in scale 1/200

continuation of the peanut serie, the A320 as last aircraft of the Condor fleet in it´s new nice scheme

cdr013         Condor  A320 Wings of Help with peanuts Stickers    scale 1/144                   € 13.00

Condor goes retro, to strong its traditional image in the european charter market

colors in website differs from original due graphic data conversion

cdr012               Condor A320 Retro “Hans”                 scale 1/144                            € 13.00

Aerologic, The new Cargo carrier in Germany with a modern B777f fleet, the set provides a set of detail updates and all cgo doors, including the side cargo door, all data based of real foto material

Alo001         Aerologic B777F with detail update and cgo doors     scale 1/144th        €15.00

ger008             Germania A319 new scheme (new Logo)               scale 1/144tth          €12.00

The peanuts saga goes on, the flagship B767 with the famous comic figures

cdr011         Condor  B767-300 Wings of Help with Snoop Stickers    scale 1/144                   € 15.00

The Wings of help flyer fron Condor, With the famous dog and friends comic Figures

cdr010         Condor  B757-300 Wings of Help with peanuts Stickers    scale 1/144                   € 15.00

Germania B737 saga in the old und new scheme

ger006             Germania B737-300 new scheme (new Logo)               scale 1/144tth          €12.00

ger005             Germania B737-700 new scheme (new Logo)               scale 1/144tth          €12.00

ger003             Germania B737-300 classic scheme                    scale 1/144tth          €12.00

ger004           Germania B737-700 classic scheme                   scale 1/144tth         €12.00

another funny Logojet in the german charter market, The VW-sharanjet! with two logo options

tui002           Tui Logojet Sharan-jet                        scale 1/144                                       € 15.00

Die Condor saga

cdr005         Condor-Thomas Cook  B757-200 last scheme          scale 1/144                  € 13.00

decal test preview for testing

cdr006         Condor-Thomas Cook  with optional titels and winglets scale 1/144                  € 13.00

cdr007         Condor-Thomas Cook B757-200 with transient yellow logos   scale 1/144         € 13.00

cdr008         Condor-Thomas B757-300 Cook with transient yellow logos  scale 1/144        € 13.00

The last Version with optional titels, logos and winglets

cdr001         Condor-Thomas Cook  with optional titels and winglets scale 1/144                  € 15.00

decal examples on the Revell kit

The first tactical scheme after condor became part of the TC touristic, with optional logos

cdr002             Condor-Thomas Cook  yellow scheme with options      scale 1/144                  € 13.00

cdr003         Condor classic scheme with c&n additional stickers      scale 1/144                  € 13.00

XL ITS special scheme ship

its001                               ITS-XL Special B737-800                               scale 1/144                  € 13.00

The new contact air F-100 with regional colors

lhr019               Contact air F-100 with regional colors                scale 1/144                  € 12.00

The classical hapag Lloyd scheme with extra logo options

hpa001         Hapag Lloyd   A310 with two logo options             scale 1/144               € 15.00

The Atr-72 in service of the Contact Air, Lufthansa regional team member

lhr018         LH regional-Contact Air ATR-72 with full detail data            scale 1/144              € 10.00

The new addition to the OLT fleet, the Fokker-100

OLT001                     OLT F-100  with detail update                          scale 1/144                      € 12.00

OLT002             OLT Metroliner with detail update                               scale 1/144                       € 10.00

Hamburg International 10 years anniversary A319

ham001             Hamburg International A319 Anniversary logojet          scale 1/144              € 15.00

The Lufthansa Regional partner Contact air ist introducing a fleet of F-100 for servicing routes in the Swiss airlines network

lhr016   Contact air F-100 with white undergrounds in staralliance colors       scale 1/144       € 13.00

The new Tui yellow cormorate image for the B-737-700/800

tui001                   TuiFly B737-700/800                     scale 1/144tth                                         €12.00

The Gemania F-100 im two different schemes, the classical green und the new ochre colors of AB

ger001             Germania classic scheme with detail update                 scale 1/144tth          €10.00

new AB colors

abn001             Germania classic scheme with detail update                 scale 1/144tth          €12.00

The fourth Germanwings logo jet, the schwabenflieger, following the nice bearbus faces style

gwg005           Germanwings schwaben-flieger                           1/144                             € 12.00

Hamburgshopperexpress logojet, another try to promote german local traffic in the low fare lane

gwg006           Germanwings Hamburgshopper                              1/144                              €  17.00

the newest and most colorful logojet of the fleet, the parkinn hotels platform, paintwork requied

gwg007       Germanwings parkinnhotels logojet                            1/144                              € 17.00

newcomer in the German Airline Market, The BlueWings with its Airbus Fleet, Initial operations started with the A320/321 and A330, the set provides parts for both aircraft

bwg001               BlueWings small Airbuses A320/321                       scale 1/144                 € 12.00

New appearance in the german charter market, start XL german airlines, using an easy scheme

sxl001           Star XL german Airlines standard scheme                      scale 1/144                € 8.00

The DBA (deutsche Bussiness airlines), former Deutsche British Airways decal, offering options for all the aircraft and schemes used by this airline with two different tail arts including the newest soccer world cup publicity and the 737-500 additional windows with the Hannover airport sticker.

DBA001   DBA-B737-300/500 with all data and special world cup markings  scale 1/144    € 14.00

pls specify kit used in order

The newest Logo jet in Germany, The DBA 737-300 “ T-mobile “ including full tail art and white decals

DBA002                 DBA-Logo Jet                               1/144                                           € 13.00

pls specify kit used in order

DBA003       DBA-Fokker F-100 with complete data and specials       scale 1/144                € 13.00

The last addition to the LTU Fleet, The logojet of the Mallorca “primera división Soccer team” Real club deportivo Mallorca offering two decal options, with and without windows.

ltu005                             LTU RCD-Mallorca A-320                    scale 1/144                      € 10.00

ltu005b                            LTU RCD-Mallorca A-320                    scale 1/144                      € 9.00

The last addition tho the GermanWings collection, The spirit of Cologne-Bonn with its funny logos

gwg004       Germanwings the Spirit of Cologne-Bonn                           1/144                          € 10.00

Germanwings has introduced two new colorful jets promoting the German Telephone, internet and celular phones Telekom company, the sets include white decals and undergrounds.

gwg003       Germanwings/T--com jet with photoreal decal                1/144                 € 12.00

gwg002         Germanwings/T-Mobile jet  with white decal and undergrounds  1/144              € 12.00

One of the nicest schemes of the comtemporary commercial aviation, the Germanwings bearbus, celebrating the new operation base in Berlin Schönefeld!

gwg001               Germanwings Bearbus special scheme               scale 1/144                        € 12.00

the Franfurt Eintracht soccer team new official transporter for the busdesliga season 2006/2006

arf002a              Aeroflight special Frankfurter Eintracht titels with windows scale 1/144    € 10.00

lhr007           Cityline 40th anniversary special european scheme      scale 1/144             € 12.00

The LTU German Bundesliga “soccer Airbuses” with detailed logos and 50th anniversary stickers

ltu001                               Bayer Leverkusen A-320                    scale 1/144                    € 9.00

ltu001                   Bayer Leverkusen A-320 without windows              scale 1/144                   € 8.00

ltu002             LTU- Borussia Mönchengladbach A-320                     scale 1/144                   € 10.00

ltu002             LTU- Borussia Mönchengladbach A-320 without  windows   scale 1/144           € 9.00

ltu003                           LTU- herta BSC A-320                            scale 1/144               €10.00

ltu003b              LTU- herta BSC A-320  without windows                scale 1/144             €9.00

         all three decals in an save package, with windows € 25.00  or without windows  € 22.00   

with windows     € 25.00

without windows        € 22.00

The Germania Fokker 100 in the colors of HLX (Hapag Lloyd express) with detail set with and without windows

ger002           Germania/HLX fokker 100 and detail with textured windows     scale 1/144          € 10.00

ger002b            Germania/HLX fokker 100 and detail without  windows        scale  1/144     €  12.00

decal on the Revell Fokker-100 for testing

Contact Air, the oldest Lufthansa partner new Atr-42-500s showing the new lufthansa regional titles with full aircraft stencils, windows and doors data to super detail your welsh Atr-42, silver metallic colors are also provided for windows, static system and engine detail.

lhr001                                   Atr42-500                                 scale 1/144                                        €9.00

The first regional aircraft type used by the NFD, the metroliner III with textured windows and detail data the decal has been desined for the IN FORMATION  PARTS Metro click HERE to go to their website

nfd001         Fairchild  metroIII with detail data and textured windows  scale 1/144          € 7.00

decal on the IN FORMATION  Metro

a faliled tryout in the disputed german regional market, The city air, based in the airports of Munster and Paderborn,this small carrier unfortunatelly ceased operations last year due bankrupcy

cit001     Cityair metro III with textured windows and detail set       scale 1/144                    € 7.00

The decal on the IN FORMATION PARTS Metro for testing, the Capital “C” have been already corrected to a small letter

Eurowings Lufthansa-partner Atr-42 with its clasical scheme, the set also includes the complete aircraft data, stencil and detailed doors and windows as well  as silver metallic detail for the welsh kit.

lhr002a-b                      Eurowings Atr-42 and 72 ”classic”                        scale 1/144            € 9.00

order  theAtr-72

The Aerolloyd set includes all the necessary decals to built two aircraft, a A320 and a  A321 with options for any single aircraft operated by the  company, all aircraft registrations and the names//shields for the six aircraft that received names are also included, special markings for the Bayern München official transport ship and the 20th anniversary logo are also provided.

lyd001 Aerolloyd A320/321 inc.all reg and names/shields special Bayern München logos  1/144     €10.00

order  theAtr-42

Aerolloyd/trigema A321 special scheme set, includes all aircraft registrations of that used this scheme

Aerolloyd A321         special trigema publicity scheme               lyd002     scale 1/144            € 10.00

ready decal on the Revell A321 modelkit for testing

Aeroflight, the reborned Aerolloyd, the set includes the decals to built one A320 or A321of this new charter  airline

arf001               Aeroflight A320/321                                 scale 1/144                                             € 7.00

The German Freighter made a touristic charter tryout between Dec.92 and March.93 leasinf an aircraft from Adria Airways, the Airbus was later returned to Slowenia.

wdl001           WDL A320 ”touristic season try-out ”                         scale1/144                          € 7.00